That’s My Story, and I’m Sticking To It

One of my intentions is to write scripts for short 10 minute films which I can shoot and direct. My writing skills are good as a songwriter, but as a screenwriter, I’m a newbie. So, I have a lot to learn, and of course there’s no better way to learn then by doing it.
I’ve become fascinated by the art of storytelling, in whatever form it takes: novel, film, song or other varied expressions. Writer and teacher Lisa Cron’s book Wired For Story uses neuroscience to focus on what gets readers hooked on story.

My take on this is that not only are we genetically hooked on story, but we spend much of our time telling and listening to stories. We call it communicating. But much of our conversation and thoughts are improvised stories about past events, which we believe are accurate, and in most cases are not. They are stories, and we humans are story junkies. We enhance the potency of the addiction with page turner novels, episodic TV series, and blockbuster films with sequels. They are all designed to play out the formula in ever more contagious creations of storytelling. Even sporting events are story driven with sportscasters adding drama to the event to satisfy the craving for story. Then there’s advertising. Wow! How condensed can a story get? Just do it! “I will, Yes I will, I’ll be a better runner, player, whatever, if I just go get me the right shoes.”



photos ©2014 Michael Kevin Daly